The Spice Tailor.

Today, I begin yet another series that will feature my love of different cultures. The series I call "Embracing cultures", will showcase my love of food, art, music and literature. 

I've always wanted to cook up a good Indian meal, and I heard Tikka Masala is the least intimidating one to try. Every once in a while, I get a taste of Indian flavors through my Mom's kitchen. She makes the best Chicken Biryani, and hers has just the right amount of spice and kick.

The pretty-packaged sauces below are created by Anjum Anand, a well-known cook and TV personality based in London. I must add that life would be so much easier if these were available for purchase in the US (Oh! I wish). Check out 'The Spice Tailor' to see the story behind this wonderful new product. (Photos: TheDieline).

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