Vimeo Inspired: Milk Made

Here's a short clip coverage of Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 by Milk Made.


I came across this product while I was browsing through Ready Made magazine this morning at my local library. I noticed the uniqueness of these sunglasses right away, and I knew I just had to share it with you. I think that the most amazing part about this product aside from its unique wood frame is that, they're handcrafted in Portland. It's definitely refreshing to hear about businesses that have been originated in the US.

Check out Shwood's story here.



You've probably noticed that more and more products are launching out with more attention paid to aesthetics. Method's line of products have not only nailed it on the design area but also on sustainability. I've been using their hand wash for a few years now, and I can't get enough of it. I would actually make a showcase piece out of their hand washes as an artwork. (Oh wait! That might actually work).

Learn more about Method's story here.
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Get Inspired: Elizabeth Hardwick

Nothing else speaks comfort to me than a home filled with personal memorabilia and books, lots of books! I always dream of one day having a room dedicated for books, where my family could relax and learn about everything under the sun!

One day... (Photo: link)

Blue Print Cleanse

Cleansing have some wonderful benefits that not everyone knows about. I must say that I'm not a strict health fanatic but, ever since I had my first baby I've become a little more mindful on what I put in my body. I started drinking green juice on and off about a year ago and I notice a difference in my energy level compared to when I didn't drink it.

I've come across Blue Print Cleanse online and I know I just had to share it with you. The only thing is they're only available at limited locations but can be purchased online. I can't wait to try them!

Please also check the story of how this product came about here.